Education Coaching, a Solution
against school failure

The goal of school coaching is to improve the relationship between student and learning.  — The more the courses make sense, the more the student will get involved in this field.

Students feel more comfortable interacting with a coach, who is neither a psychologist, a teacher, nor his family, while remaining close to his vision and concerns. School coaching here takes into account the adolescent that exists in the student.

« It’s cool to have a coach ! »


A student

You often hear
these phrases ?


« I do not see the interest »


« I work, but I cannot do it »


« I do not understand what I am asked »


« It’s so difficult ! »


« I’m bored »


« It sucks what we learn »

They can be the symptom of a beginning of stall or discouragement with choices, stress.

School coaching has proven itself by effectively accompanying pupils in difficulty, whether it is to find school guidance, overcome difficulties at school or prepare for a written and oral exam.

Individual Coaching outside the School

It is aimed at students whose esteem and confidence are down with results, results and behavior in imbalance. Individually, school coaching can restore the link between the coachee and his schooling, his teachers, his classmates, his parents.

It is not a matter of tutoring or homework assistance but of a real accompaniment of the student to overcome his difficulties, taking into account his personality and his history. It differs from life coaching by its angle “academic results”.

What Interests for a School Head ?

Collective coaching enables school leaders to help small groups of students who need one-off support to avoid dropping out.

This is an alternative method and complementary to the system in place.

Realized in the school setting, with an external coach, and in a mixed context (students of different orientations but of the same level of education), collective school coaching can rehabilitate self-confidence through discussions, individual and group exercises, educational games.

My Vision of Education Coaching

A long time volunteer in structures related to childhood and adolescence, I realized that school failures were a source of ill-being for students, and conflict with parents and teachers.

Often too, students worked hard and could not achieve satisfactory results.

An alternative solution was therefore possible through coaching as long as it is adapted to adolescents and the difficulties that everyone encounters in this particular period of life.  A kind of accompaniment to the upheaval that is exercised.


After a training in school coaching for adolescents, I intervene as part of the project to fight against dropout at Lycée des Glières in Annemasse, where I created group school coaching with the support of the National Education.

During my school coaching, I was able to observe that the relationship between the student, his family and the teacher could deteriorate on different aspects: the sanction, the behavior, the judgments or the orientation of the teacher. high. Each defending his point of view without finding a solution, with a child at the center who does not understand what is being played.

In these situations, mediation techniques help find a solution that works for everyone.

ONG Coaching

Humanitarianism is such a human experience, such a contrast with everyday life, that departures and mission returns can be difficult moments to manage.

Life Coaching

It makes it possible to find the balance between what we are and what we want to be, but above all to have the means to reach what we want.

Professinal Coaching

For all those who wish to initiate a change in their
professional life and harmonize their work life
with their own values…

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