From humanitarian to coaching

Amail Bendedda : Certified Coach, Mediator and Trainer

Empowering people to emerge from difficult situations, to learn from them and apply and disseminate their knowledge is what I like to do.
Because other people’s joy is my own.

Helping and supporting others are my drivers in life.

From the age of 14, I was involved with various associations as a volunteer. After a Master in Information and Communication and a few years in journalism and communication, I took the step towards the humanitarian sector to match my values.
From 2007, after a training in humanitarian professions, I worked for different NGOs in the

field and at headquarters in Human Resources – Cambodia, Cameroon, Guinea, Iraq, Kenya, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, Mozambique, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Sudan, Swaziland, Chad.
At the same time, I became a coach and mentor, a mediator, a team management and support trainer, a psychosocial risk preventer and an credited mental health first aid instructor. I’m a mediator sworn in by the State of Geneva. I’ve received my EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) accreditation as a coach and mentor. Since 2013, I’ve been turning my dream into my profession.

My approach is humanistic and goal-oriented. My mission is to use these methods and tools to ensure that work is never again a source of suffering.

Amail Bendedda 

Why become a coach

It was through coaching that I was able to move forward, clarify what I wanted to do with my life and make decisions with full awareness. I realized the incredible power of this tool that gave me fast and lasting results. As a humanitarian, this tool was perfect for helping my colleagues in the field, often alone and isolated.

I followed the international certification training of professional coach, NLP practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)with ICI coach

& Mediation

Always in the idea of bringing human and ecological solutions to people in professional issues, I received the diploma of Professional Mediator.

The training came as a logical continuation, with the aim of transmitting and receiving. I am a certified adult trainer and I offer content where benevolence and the human beings are at the center.


Since mental health has become a public health issue, and since I’m personally concerned by it, it was important for me to be trained and to be able to train fellow citizens to better understand psychological disorders and to give them the keys to how to behave and act when our loved ones, colleagues and ourselves are affected. I am an accredited PSSM France as a first aid mental health instructor.
As psychosocial risks are at the heart of the causes of suffering in the workplace, I support organizations from diagnosis to action plan and implementation, including employee training. I’m a psychosocial risk prevention specialist trained by Sofis, an organization specializing in health and safety in the workplace.

I use mediation as a cross-cutting discipline
for all situations


My background and my training thus define my specialties: ONG Coaching, Professional Coaching, Life Coaching and Mediation.


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