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Become who you really are and propel your relationships.
Join me for a collaboration where you are at the center.


Be and do what you want


To have healthy relationships 


Competences linked to values

Believe in your dreams and they will probably come true.

Believe in yourself and they will certainly come true.


Martin Luther King


To do what you want

What are the risks of continuing this way?

You want to change, improve, modify a way of doing things and you have tried everything? You do not know from where and how to start?

I am your unconditional support in professional coaching or personal coaching.

I share with you an effective method with fast and lasting results to get what you always wanted.


To choose one’s relationship
to another.

Do you know how much a conflict costs to your organisation at human level, well-being, productivity, retention?

Delegating workplace mediation to an external, sworn professional means relieving your organization and its members. I will resolve the conflict definitively, release the word of your collaborators and giving them free will.

I use a method where human-being is at the centre by transmitting an approach of  healthy and quality relation.


To acquire skills in human development

Coaching and mediation tools for management, professional practice analysis.

Become a leader in your function and convey the values of your organization to its members.


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The Blog

The power of gratitude

« What does one say ? Merciiiii! ». What? All these adults were right to repeat to us, without ever faltering, to say thank you when we were children?

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2017 – ∞

Je vous souhaite une merveilleuse année 2017, remplie de joie, de sérénité, de bienveillance et de collaboration. Le bonheur, ensemble!

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French tennis: the fear of winning

In an article published in Le Temps « French tennis, where is the problem? » The lack of international titles of tennis players in France is due to the lack of management of emotions. Explanations.

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