Professional Coaching

For all those who wish to initiate a change in their professional life and harmonize their work life with their own values.

Thanks to a professional coaching you will be able to harmonize your life at work with your own values, set limits and respect yourself better, meet the expectations of your colleagues and superiors

Some examples of problems worked in coaching :


The anxiety of tomorrow in an unstable environment


The feeling of going around in circles, not finishing anything


Postpone and finish everything in a hurry


Not to be motivated anymore


Change position and not be able to position yourself


Want to change job without knowing how to do


To suffer without being able to react

You know ?
— In this case professional coaching may be for you...

In the performance category, the coach supports you in reaching high-stakes goals when you often feel alone in the face of these challenges.

People looking for a new professional challenge, a new career that suits them also use the coach to clarify their needs, match them to their desires and succeed in their conversion.

I work with executives of international companies in France and Switzerland, individually, financed by companies as part of career development.

Specialized in coaching for NGOs, I often speak for professionals from humanitarian organizations. I travel to companies and organizations to coach employees.

For more discretion, I offer coaching at home or at office.

The Tools of Professional Coaching

I use professional coaching techniques and tools such as Frederic Hudson’s cycle of change, Gallup Institute talents, Michael Apter’s reversal theory.

Professional coaching straddles between my past career in corporate communication and my current business at the headquarters of a large organization.

My knowledge of human resources, international management and career management enrich my exchanges with my clients.

ONG Coaching

Humanitarianism is such a human experience, such a contrast with everyday life, that departures and mission returns can be difficult moments to break.

Education Coaching

Students feel more comfortable interacting with a coach, who is neither a psychologist, a teacher, nor his family, while remaining close to his vision and concerns.

Life Coaching

It makes it possible to find the balance between what we are and what we want to be, but above all to have the means to reach what we want.

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