To acquire skills in human development

Do you want to incorporate certain values into your organization that would go through an accompaniment? — I propose different training topics adapted to your organization, your approach, your needs.

My method

  • I meet some key people in your organization to capture their footprint.
  • I present you a content that you validate.
  • I propose a space of transmission of techniques by the accompaniment, workshops of practice, exchange of knowledge and know-how between all the participants on the principle of diagram below of what a human being holds back .
  • I offer a coaching session per participant following the training.

I create short, clear courses with simple methods and tools that are easy to set up for a quick and efficient result.

Some examples of training requested by organizations:

  • Being a leader
  • Manage a stressful and difficult situation
  • Manager and be part of an international team
  • Manager and be part of an atypical team (remote, part-time)
  • Resolving a conflict
  • Integrate empathy into interpersonal exchanges

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