For the implementation
of new behaviors

The coach is a person who accompanies you to achieve the goal and the results that you have set with methods and tools.

Coaching is concrete, measurable and fast.

Whether in your professional or personal life, the coach brings you a simple, non-intrusive and effective way to get what you really want.

Why Coaching

It is not easy to get started and call on a totally unknown person to do what we are supposed to do alone.

We often call the coach when we have tried everything and it does not work or it does not take long-term

It is a fundamentally human and benevolent collaboration that I propose to you.

Trust your judgment and contact me to find out more. Without commitment and without expenses, you will know instinctively if it is a solution that suits you, if I am the right person to accompany you.

All exchanges are confidential and discreet.

Difference between Coaching and Psychotherapy

Coaching is not psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.

In coaching we work on the “how can I overcome this limit, get to such a result” while the psychotherapy focuses on “why I can not do it“.

Coaching focuses on actions to be implemented in the present for a chosen future, while psychotherapy analyzes the past to understand the present.

Difference between Coaching and Mentoring

Mentoring is an approach of transmitting knowledge and know-how in a specific area.

They are often peers, experts who become mentors of novices. Mentors sometimes use coaching methods for better appropriation of the technique.

The coach does not give advice but will help the client to find his own solutions, without judgment and without bias.

The conditions for being coached

To want to set up a new operation.

To want to change something in oneself.

Being motivated

ONG Coaching

Humanitarianism is such a human experience, such a contrast with everyday life, that departures and mission returns can be difficult moments to manage.

Education Coaching

Students feel more comfortable interacting with a coach, who is neither a psychologist, a teacher, nor his family, while remaining close to his vision and concerns.

Life Coaching

It makes it possible to find the balance
between what we are and what we want to be, but above all to have the means to reach what we want.

Professional Coaching

For all those who wish to initiate
a change  in their  professional life and harmonize  their work life
with their own values…

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