5 tips for having a good day

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A good day does not depend only on us. There are things we have no control over, unpredictable events that disrupt our organization and our projections.

Still, we can decide to say and think that we had a good day and that we will have a good day.

We have real power over events, just by deciding what impact they will have on us, on our mood, on our energy.

1. Allow yourself to be human

As Rag’n’Bone Man sings, “I’m only human after all”. We have the right not to be always fit, top, super cheerful, mega-performance, perfect. What counts is to keep a benevolent look on oneself even if one does not always respond in time and quality to the requirements (of the others, ours).

If we can not work on this file now, there must be a reason (concerns, intellectual fatigue, aspect of the file in contradiction with its values etc.).

By identifying it, one becomes aware of its mode of functioning, of its biological system and it is easier to find the good moments and what we need to get there.

2. What’s a good day for me?

What are the ingredients, the components: having laughed, answered his emails, achieved a goal, had a genuine exchange, have helped someone.

Everything that makes sense to us, that echoes our deep values.

The recipe must be realistic and achievable to be successful. If it’s still unclear, Tip # 4 can help clarify.

3. Everything starts when you wake up …

The mood of the morning will give the tempo and atmosphere of the day. So before setting foot off the bed, before you even open your eyes completely and think of all the obligations and constraints, stay quiet for a few seconds, a few minutes.

And there, think your day differently, by the spectrum of the pleasure and the positive.

What am I planning today that will please me, who will do me good? Lunch with a friend, call my family, do this presentation I’ve been working on for weeks, go see this movie with good reviews, spend time with my kids.

If you feel the smile on your lips, it’s won!

4. To continue at bedtime

Now that the day is over and you’re lying down, think about three things, the highlights of this day, that made this day a successful day for you.

Relive the intensely, using all your senses as if you were there and you increase the volume of feeling.

The more you do this exercise regularly and the more positive components of your day will increase.

This is also a good exercise to find sleep.

5. Having sweet dreams and a peaceful night thinking about all the good things that will happen the next day.

And for the less fortunate, they will always be there, and it will not be finally those that you will remember and you will remember.

I wish you a good day!

A. Bendedda

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